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Gärtnerei Potthast
is a traditional gardening business.
Established in 1908 and now run in the 4th Generation!
We offer most gardening services, such as the Hanging Baskets in the City Centre of Paderborn, but also keeping private gardens and business premises in bloom!
Hanging Baskets & Window Boxes
Plant evergreens, shrubs & flowers
Lawn care, watering service, etc.
If you have a specific task, that you think we could help you with, please contact us!
...we are an German and English speaking family business!
Our main work is Graveyard Gardening:
It is not only tradition, but regulated by law in Germany to keep graves looked after. As German grave maintenance differs drastically from other countries, it can be quite a task at times. If your loved ones or even distant relatives found their last peace in the Paderborn Area...we are here to help you!
There are plenty of genuine reasons for not being able to see to a grave yourself... 
...maybe you live too far away...maybe you are too busy...maybe...maybe...  Just get in touch ! 
-we clean, prune & plant the grave for you on any of the Paderborn Graveyards
 ( further away from Paderborn on request)
 -we landscape the plot, even little changes can make a vast difference
 -we plant season flower beds 
-we deliver bouquets, candles, wreaths, etc  
-we keep you updated with photos and info 
-we already have customers all over the world
Our family run business is now over 100 years old...
so you can be sure all our services are of highest quality!
If you live local an appointment on the graveyard or on your premises would be the first step!
If you live too far away for this, give us the details regarding the grave or gardening task,
we will then view it & send you an offer!
Please send us an email, as we can´t guarantee an English speaking member of staff will be answering the phone.
Looking foreward to hearing from you,
kind regards,
Mrs Katrin Potthast-Plowman -Gardener & Owner-